Welcome to the Big Shifts Foundation Scholarship Program Application!

Starting January 1, 2021, recipients of this scholarship, ages 18-30 years old in the black and brown communities in Kansas City, will be guided on a 6-month well-being journey. We will be using Dr. Michelle Robin’s Quadrants of Wellbeing structure and whole person approach to help support our scholarship recipients. They will apply and if they are selected, they will be guided by their team of providers and Big Shift Board Members on a journey of health and vitality. The first round of applicants will be 10 individuals.

The scholarship includes:

  • Blood work – at the beginning of the 6 months (and at the end of the 6 months if they had an abnormal reading in the first draw)
  • A meeting with a Mental Health Therapist, an MD/NP, and a Chiropractor
  • Additional meetings if they so choose
  • The opportunity to reach out to their providers or board members with questions
  • Supplementation based on their lab results
  • The option to participate in four of Dr. Robin’s 21-day programs
    • Rejuvenating Sleep
    • Calm and Peaceful Life
    • Free Your Space
    • Align Your Posture
  • A sustainability plan based on their lifestyle for them to continue after this 6-month journey

Please fill out an application. Selected applicants will be notified of their acceptance.

Big Hugs,

Big Shifts Foundation Board Members